1. Log in to Sauce Labs and select Manual Tests
  2. Click New Session.
  3. Enter the URL of the application or website you want to test.
    If you use Sauce Connect Proxy to access your application, select the tunnel to use. 
  4. Select the browser or mobile operating system you want to test against. 
    Click the History icon to select browser/version/operating system/screen resolution combinations you've used in previous manual tests.
  5. For Web browsers, select the browser version, operating system, and screen resolution that you want to test against. 
  6. Test assets such as screenshots are automatically saved. If you don't want to save them, clear the Save Screenshots, Logs, & Video option. 
  7. Click Start Session
    You'll see a loading screen, and then the URL you entered will launch in a manual test window. At the top of the screen you will see a tab with the test URL, and a menu bar that contains information about the parameters of your test and the time remaining before your test session ends. You will also see icons to Stop the test, Share the session with other users, use the Clipboard, take Snapshots, and enter Full-screen mode. 

    All manual test sessions are limited to three hours.

  8. Use your keyboard and mouse to test the functionality of your website or application.

    During your testing session your cursor will appear as a black dot. You can use it to navigate the screen and interact with interface elements in the same way as you would with a typical arrow cursor.  

  9. If you find a bug, click the Snapshot icon  to record it.
    This will save it to the Test Details page.  
  10. When you're finished with your test session, click Stop 
    You can now download video of your test, and other test assets, on the Test Details page under the Metadata tab. 

You can run multiple manual test sessions at the same time, with the number of tests limited by the concurrency allowance associated with your account. If you want to start additional sessions, click the + icon next to the tab containing the URL of your current test session. Follow the steps to set up the session, and then you can switch back and forth between the sessions by clicking on the URL tabs.

You can invite other users with Sauce Labs accounts to observe your test session by clicking the Share icon . This will display a URL for the test that you can then send to other users.

You can use the remote clipboard to store and then copy text that you want to use in your tests. Click the Clipboard icon , enter the text you want to store on the remote clipboard, and click Send. You'll see the text appear under the Remote Clipboard header. To copy text from the remote clipboard back to your local clipboard, click the Copy icon .

Video Demo