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The Sauce Labs integration with Slack lets you include the URL of any test you ran with Sauce in a Slack conversation, and the test metadata and asset links will be added to the conversation. Along with this general information, you can also share test video and screenshots in conversations with colleagues who don't have accounts with Sauce Labs, and see test status, error messages, and access the builds page. 

Setting Up the Plugin

  1. Log in to your Slack account.
  2. Use this link to install the plugin, and then select the Team where you want to use the plugin.
  3. Click Authorize
  4. When prompted, provide the Sauce Labs username and access key for the account you want the plugin to be able to access.
  5. In Slack, go to the channel where you want to use the plugin, and invite @saucelabs to the channel.
  6. When you want to share a test result in the Slack channel, paste in the URL and let the plugin do the rest!