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Does your app render quickly and flawlessly every time on every device and operating system? Are your page transitions fast and smooth? Are your users satisfied with the pace of their transactions on your site? Measuring and monitoring front end performance can help you answer these questions and is an important complement to your overall testing strategy. Learn how Sauce Labs can help you integrate this useful aspect of digital confidence.

Sauce Performance Basics               

Learn more about Sauce Performance, its eligibility restrictions, and whether it can help you improve your customer experience.

Sauce Performance Basics

Quick Test with Speedo CLI

Install the open source command line tool to quickly establish a baseline on a set of standard metrics against a single URL.

Test Performance Using Speedo

Add Performance Analytics to Your Automation Suite

Use automation scripts to test performance as your app moves through page transitions and test smoothness during scrolling and other page interactions.

Measure Page Load Performance Using Test Automation

Test the Smoothness or Jankiness of Your Application

Leverage Your Performance Results

Once you have integrated performance monitoring, you can: