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We are excited to announce our brand new “Test Insights” feature which extends our Analytics functionality with the ability to identify Test Flake.  

What is Test Insights?

  • Test Insights is a new feature available within Sauce Analytics for all our enterprise users

  • Insights provides key metrics for each test over a 30-day time period

    • # of Runs

    • Errors

    • Failures

    • Fastest and Slowest Runtime

    • Queue time

Along with the information above, Insights also provides a visual representation of the duration and status of the test. This helps users quickly determine if a test flakes often or not.

The X-axis of the Scatter Plot visualization shows the time range selected using the ‘time’ filter at the top of the page. The Y-axis shows the duration of each run. Color-coding indicates the result status - pass/fail/complete/error.

How can I access test insights?

  • In the left-hand side nav pane, you can access Test Insights along with Trends

How do I use the filters?

  • The filters that are available in Sauce Analytics Trends is also available in Test Insights.

  • You can filter your tests by -

    • Owner

    • Build

    • Tag

    • Operating System

    • Browser

  • Both the metrics as well as the visualization will be modified based on the filters you select

  • In addition to these filters, you can also directly search for a specific test

Can I share the insights of a test with my team?

  • Yes you can. Each test has its own unique URL, and you can share the URL with other Sauce users in your organization

  • The same permissions and access restrictions that apply to test details page, also apply to test insights.

What are the benefits of test insights?

  • Review failure trends for a test to determine flake

  • Review error rates for a test

  • Identify platforms with performance issues for a test

Want to know more?

  • We have a webinar planned for Wednesday, January 17th.  Sign up for the webinar here.

  • In addition, here is a link to our documentation on Test Insights

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