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Test Controls

RotateRotate the device between portrait and landscape modes.
SnapshotsClick the camera icon to take a snapshot of the screen when you come across a bug or anything else you want to record. You can then find your snapshots the Test Details page
Sharing Live Test SessionsIf you want to invite someone to view the live test session, use the share icon. Copy the URL for your session, and then send the URL to the other observer.
ClipboardYou can copy text from the clipboard into the site under test. Click the clipboard icon, enter text, and click Send to store it on the clipboard, where you'll see it appear in the field under Remote Clipboard. Click the copy icon next to the text to copy it into the website under test.
StopEnd the test session.


Settings let you change the functionality of the real device you're testing with. 

WiFiEnable or disable the wifi on the device.
AnimationsEnable or disable the ability of the device to play animations.
LanguageChange the interface language for the device.


ADB ShellLaunch an Android Debug Bridge shell and send commands to the device.
Upload FileUpload a file to the device.
Set GPSSet a GPS location for the device.


Restart AppUse this option to restart your application
Switch AppUse this option to switch between mobile native applications that you're testing
Install DependencyInstall an additional app to interact with.
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