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Hi Sauce users,

We are pleased to announce updates to our Android Emulators -

  • Android 7.1 emulators similar to 7.0 come with Chrome support! So continue to use  `browserName`: `Chrome` in your desired capabilities.  

  • Android 7.1 only comes on the GoogleAPI flavor, so make sure that you have your desired capability set to `deviceName`: `Android GoogleAPI Emulator`.

  • Platform configurator has been updated with the latest desired capabilities.

  • Latest Android SDK tools available across all our emulators

  • Android  emulator and Android Google API emulator will now have a default higher resolution of 768 x 1280 instead of 480 x 800 through all the android versions

  • In addition, we have restored our Google Nexus 7 tablet devices to their original resolutions, to reflect the screen resolutions of the actual device

  • Android 7.1 will only work with Appium versions 1.6.4 and above

Following are a few examples of desired capabilities to help you get started immediately -

Mobile app test on Android 7.1:

deviceName: 'Android GoogleAPI Emulator',

 platformName: 'Android',

platformVersion: '7.1',

browserName: '',

appiumVersion: '1.6.5',

app: ‘your_app.apk’


Web test on Android 7.1 on Chrome:

deviceName: 'Android GoogleAPI Emulator',

platformName: 'Android',

platformVersion: '7.1',

browserName: 'Chrome',

appiumVersion: '1.6.5'



For a list of the available combinations, please check out our Platform Configurator. You may also be interested in the AVD specifications.

Thanks and happy testing!
The Sauce Labs Team.