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Hi Sauce users - 

We are happy to announce that Appium version 1.6.5 is now available for testing through our emulators and simulators. This version provides many enhancements and fixes to existing functionality, which you can review in the release notes. Some key updates include

  • Full support of W3C specification's handling of capabilities

  • Support latest Android SDK directory structure

  • Speed up taking screenshots on Android 5.0 and higher devices.

  • Allow setting url in native context, for opening deep links in iOS

Currently, Appium 1.6.5 is available on our iOS Simulator and Android Emulator products, with support for our Real Device Cloud products coming soon. For a full list of what combinations are available, please check out the Platform Configurator page.

As usual, we highly recommend that our users update to the latest Appium version when possible. By setting your appiumVersion desired capability to "1.6", we will automatically return you the latest patch version. Alternatively, you can explicitly set "1.6.5" as the version as well. Per our previous announcement on Appium default version setting policy, we will update the default version to 1.6.5 in one week.

We thank the Appium community for their hard work in enabling this release.

Thanks and Happy Testing!

The Sauce Labs Team.