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Hi Sauce Users,

iOS 10.3 support is now available on Sauce Labs. Please check the Platform Configurator for desired capabilities, and note that Appium version 1.6.4 is required. 

Our engineering teams have also been shipping numerous enhancements and fixes to our desktop and mobile virtual platforms: 

  • Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 7 tests now run on an image with the latest Java version and logic to block Java update pop-ups. 
  • Edge 14 on Windows 10 tests now have audio support and updated Java version and Flash version support.
  • iOS 10.x Simulator tests now default to Appium 1.6.4 if no appiumVersion is specified in desired capabilities.
  • Performance improvements to Windows images. 
  • Fixed a bug where infrastructure and timing configurations on iOS Simulators caused socket hangup errors in Appium, resulting in commands not being executed reliably.
  • Fixed a bug where Android Emulators did not rotate properly. 
  • Fixed a bug where screenshots on manual test sessions on Android Emulators did not save the generated image files correctly. 
  • Verified Emulator 2.0 upgrade resolved a bug involving Sauce Connect and self-signed SSL certificates on Android Emulators. 
  • Verified Emulator 2.0 upgrade resolved a bug where test execution times on Android Emulators would vary drastically. 


Chiarng Lin

Product Manager, Virtual Platforms