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Hi Sauce users -

The next release of Sauce Analytics is here and we have an exciting new set of features

  • Introducing Sauce Insights featuring concurrency report at an hourly granularity

  • Extended time period : View trends and insights data for the last 30 days

  • Efficiency percentage within “Build and Test Statistics” denoting the level of test parallelization

Click here to visit Sauce Test Analytics!

  1. Insights and concurrency utilization

  1. First release of Test Insights is now available featuring concurrency utilization.

  2. Users can track concurrency utilization over a 30-day time range with a maximum drill down of an hour

  3. Owner and time period filters are applicable to concurrency visualization and platform filters are not available. Limitation : Concurrency visualization is limited to 1 owner selection at a time. For example, users can select an organization/ sub-account. Users cannot select multiple sub-accounts to view concurrency.

  4. Visualization is available both through the UI as well as API

      2. Extended time period for Analytics visualization!

  1. Both trends and Insights data will now be available for the last 30 days

  2. You can use the relative time filter within the UI to view 30 day data or use custom filters to provide any time range within the last 30 days

  3. Data available both through the UI as well as API

      3. Efficiency tracking


  1. Denotes the parallelization efficiency of a build, and the information is available at the build level in the build and test statistics table

  2. Represents level of parallelization achieved within the build - sequential/semi-parallel/parallel along with a percentage depending on the build duration and the total test duration


To learn more about Sauce Test Analytics take our quick video tour or read through our help tutorial.

Thanks and happy testing!

The Sauce Labs Team.