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Hi Sauce users,

We are thrilled to announce Sauce Labs Test Analytics as the latest addition to the Sauce Labs Automated Testing Cloud! Test Analytics reduces the time spent on analyzing test results by providing users trends on key metrics, so they can track down failures faster! We are beginning to roll out Analytics today and you will have access to it by Friday 4/21/2017.

With Test Analytics users can

  • Quickly determine application quality on latest browsers and mobile platforms

  • Identify error rate by teams and platforms

  • Narrow down to the builds and tests that cause errors in top platforms

And a lot more...

Product Overview

Test Analytics is available both through our Sauce Web Application and through REST APIs.

Test Analytics includes the following metrics

  • Number of tests

  • Success/failure ratio

  • Error rate

  • Build and test statistics

Click-drag UI

Allows you to quickly zoom into areas of interest.

Filtering test metrics

Slice and dice metrics by

  • Time period (maximum of 14 days)

  • Owner - depending on access restrictions

  • OS

  • Browser (also includes mobile emulator/simulator versions)

In addition to the above, we also have filters to narrow down problem tests/builds

  • Show errored tests ONLY

  • Show failed tests ONLY

You can find additional documentation on how to use the Web interface here .

Please check it out and let us know what you think!

If you would like to know more, join us for a webinar on Wednesday, 4/19/2017

Thanks and happy testing!

 Sauce Labs Team.