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Create a Product Announcement

  1. Click this link to launch the Product Announcement template:
     Create a Product Announcement
  2. Enter a title for the product announcement.
  3. Enter the text of the product announcement.
  4. Click Save.

Page to Blog Macro

Do not remove the Page to Blog macro that is part of the template and is loaded into the new page when it is created. When you save the new announcement, this macro will convert the page to a blog post, and add it to the list of Product Announcements on this page.

If you do accidentally remove the macro and save the page, it will be added as a child under Product Announcements, instead of a blog post listed on this page. In that case, view the page, and in the ... menu in the upper right corner, select Convert Page to Blog. The page will be converted to a blog post, with the creation date of the page used as as the publication date of the blog post.

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Click or copy these links to subscribe to our blog posts via RSS:

RSS Extension for Chrome Users

If you use Firefox or Safari, the RSS feeds will automatically be added to your Live Bookmarks or Shared Links, respectively. For Chrome, you will need to install an RSS extension like RSS Alert or RSS Feed Reader if you don't already have an RSS reader installed. You can also find an extensive list of RSS readers for a variety of platforms and operating systems at the Open Directory project.

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