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Welcome to Sauce Labs! Your options for getting started depend on your experience level. For more information, see the following sections: 

New to Automated Testing 

Check out Sauce Labs Demonstration Scripts for information on configuring your tests to communicate with our virtual machines and send results to Sauce Labs.

Already Have a Suite of Tests

If you have created Selenium tests you want to execute on the Sauce Cloud, you might only be a few steps away:

1) Create an account on Sauce Labs. 

2) Add line 3 below to your tests in all the language bindings, where:

// Launch remote browser and set it as the current thread
webDriver.set(new RemoteWebDriver(
     new URL("https://" + <SAUCE_USERNAME> + ":" + <SAUCE_ACCESS_KEY> + <SAUCE_DC>),


  3) Run your tests.

Video: Pointing Automated Tests to Sauce Labs

This video shows you how to update your current automated tests to run in the Sauce Labs Continuous Testing Cloud.

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