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Running tests in parallel is the secret Sauce for accelerating your development process and creating a continuous integration/continuous delivery pipeline. Our Sample Test Frameworks repository on GitHub contains an extensive collection of Appium and Selenium scripts to illustrate how you might set up a parallel testing framework in many common programming languages.

Some of the most popular frameworks are:

There are over 60 sample scripts in the repo, with more added on a regular basis. The README for each script contains information about how to get started. The scripts themselves contain comments explaining how each section of the script functions. If you encounter any issues, please see the Troubleshooting Parallel Tests blog, and contact us through GitHub.

Example Only

The code in this topic is presented as an example only, since your tests and testing environments may require specialized scripting. This information should be taken only as an illustration of how you could set up your tests with Sauce Labs, and is not directly supported by Sauce.