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Hello Sauce user!

Sauce Labs is pleased to announce that we have released an update, replacing Safari 13.0 with the latest version, Safari 13.1. Please note that if your current tests are set specifically to Safari 13.0 that they will need to be reconfigured to specify 13 or 13.1 or “latest” in order for them to continue functioning. For more information on setting your capabilities, you can find additional documentation here.  

Here is an example of the desired capabilities in Java using Selenium and W3C:

Safari 13.1
MutableCapabilities sauceOptions = new MutableCapabilities();

SafariOptions browserOptions = new SafariOptions();
browserOptions.setCapability("platformName", "macOS 10.15");
browserOptions.setCapability("browserVersion", "13.1");
browserOptions.setCapability("sauce:options", sauceOptions);

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