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Many of our customers have an internal network policy where public internet access is limited. For example, some specific websites may be banned. When using Sauce browsers and devices, we comply to the same rules. 

On the virtual side (desktop browsers and Emulators/Simulators), we have a setting in the organization administration area to set a VM in “lockdown mode”, meaning that all network traffic must tunnel through either Sauce Connect or the customers’ VPN.

In the case of real devices, setting the device proxy does not offer the same coverage because mobile apps and even device users can either override this setting or change this setting on the device. 

Instead, Sauce is offering a new ability to set private devices in a specific WiFi network that only works via Sauce Connect or the customers’ VPN.

There are a few limitations to this setting:

  • The setting applies only to private devices

  • The setting applies only to private devices that use WiFi exclusively (do not have SIM cards)

  • It is not a dynamic setting. Sauce needs to setup a device in a specific WiFi network. Therefore, this needs to be manually managed. Please contact Sauce to utilize this capability.

To read more about this setting, please visit Sauce security settings for organizations page.

Happy Testing!

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