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Hello Sauce Users!

Our team is excited to announce the release of our new navigation interface! 

This new navigation offers a number of benefits to our users, including:

  • A more intuitive flow allows you to conduct live testing, review test results for automated testing, review test data analytics, manage tunnels, and more from a streamlined view.

  • Concurrency utilization bars are shown in real time to give you insight into how many more browser tests you can run concurrently.

  • Easy collapsibility to allow more space for the content that is important to you.

Please note, under the “Sauce Apps” menu item, you will find the following links:

  • Legacy RDC”: this will take you to TestObject for public device testing and a few other real device testing functions. You may ask: why did we name this as “Legacy?” In the coming months, we will be introducing a number of real device testing features inside the Sauce domain, such as live testing, public device access and storage for native applications. Stay tuned for more announcements in this area, as we are excited to further unify our platform. For those customers conducting Appium testing on private mobile devices, you can access those from the Sauce domain. 

  • Visual”: this will take you to our visual testing solution, where you can see results for test automation and conduct Storybook testing.

Happy Testing!

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