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The Tunnels page in the Sauce Labs web interface provides you with an overview of all tunnels under your account, including status, owner, the name of the machine where the Sauce Connect Proxy client is running, and the duration of tunnel up time. You can also stop tunnels from this page, and find the run command, personalized with your authentication credentials, to launch the Sauce Connect proxy client. 

Table of Contents

Viewing Tunnel Information

  1. Click Tunnels in the left-hand navigation of the Sauce Labs web interface. 
  2. The page shows you the number of active tunnels, and the table below displays this information for each tunnel:

    Type The icon shows whether the tunnel is a Sauce Connect Proxy tunnel, or an IPSec VPN tunnel
    StateThe icon shows whether the tunnel is running or stopped
    Tunnel NameThe name of the tunnel
    Client HostnameThe name of the machine where the Sauce Connect Proxy client is running
    OwnerThe name of the account that is running the tunnel
    SharingIndicates whether or not the tunnel is shared
    DurationThe amount of time the tunnel has been running

Launching and Stopping Tunnels

  • You can launch a new tunnel from the command line of the machine where the Sauce Connect Proxy client is installed by copying the Run Command, which will include your authentication credentials. You can also add any Sauce Connect Proxy parameters you want to use in configuring your tunnel. 
  • You can stop an individual tunnel by clicking Stop under the Actions column in the tunnel information table
  • You can stop all tunnels under your account by clicking Stop My Tunnels in the top-right corner of the page