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In addition, a couple new features were added:

  • Flexible layout: Ability to resize the various panels

  • Clear command text: we're working the commands clearer. 

    • For example, the command itself would show as "Find Element", or "Load URL"

    • The object locator would show by name, where possible

    • The HTML response was added to the command details

  • Commands highlight in sync with video playback

  • Keyboard support for command navigation

    • Enable keyboard function to move to the next/previous command

    • Pause/play the video using space bar


Just in case you weren't aware, there's support for a couple features that already existed:
  • Change test visibility

  • Delete a test

  • Show HAR file

  • Search commands

  • Ability to share test URL, and share a URL to a specific command

  • Report issues (to Sauce)

  • See the number of commands in the execution

  • Filter the commands to include only the ones that have screenshots

  • Showing a nice panel for performance and network logs