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We early adopted the W3C WebDriver specification when it achieved the W3C standard level as the automation protocol for web browsers. As browser vendors update to support W3C WebDriver and shift away from JSON Wire Protocol (JWP), it’s important to update your tests accordingly.


Geckodriver has supported W3C since its initial release.

Firefox on Sauce starts using geckodriver around version 48.0.


See the following sections for more information:

Table of ContentsmaxLevel2See the following sections for more information:

Table of Contents

Sauce Labs Web Protocol Support

BrowserW3C SupportJWP Support
Chrome75 and aboveStill supported

55 and above

Still supported
Safari12 and aboveRemoved in 12.1
EdgeAllStill supported
Internet ExplorerAllStill supported

What You'll Need

To ensure W3C WebDriver compliance: