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  • Leverage existing functional test scripts (that are validated and executing well) as a starting point to implement performance test scripts
  • Scale the number of executions in order to deliver a result to the developer/tester faster without the need to maintain your own scalable grid
  • Execute the script on the latest versions of the supported browsers without the need to maintain your own images
  • Leverage an execution environment that is compliant with your corporate policy
  • Leverage the Sauce Machine Learning algorithm that was trained on your scripts and pages, and was defined using millions of diverse test executions, to set trends, baselines and alerts to indicate of a performance regression when you have many tests running continuously
  • Conduct script execution analysis in the same environment used by other teams members, where you can share and contrast data to isolate issues
  • Achieve faster root cause analysis by using all the metrics and artifacts offered by Sauce Performance solution

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See the following sections for more information:


When you run a performance test you will realize that tests run slightly slower than functional tests. Similar to other performance tools, Sauce has to record the browser activities throughout the whole page load to ensure that metrics like timeToInteractive firstInteractive are captured reliably and accurately. Please see the Front End Performance Testing Best Practices to ensure your performance test suite runs separately and does not block your functional testing.