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Before getting started, you should read the Python Test Setup the Best Practices for Running Tests with Sauce Labs Tutorial.

  • You will need to install the Selenium WebDriver client driver to your local Python environment
    You can either download the driver from the link, or use pip to install it.

    Code Block
    pip install selenium
  • You should also install the Sauce Python client, which provides features for reporting job information to the Sauce Labs dashboard. 

    Code Block
    pip install sauceclient


Before you start running tests in parallel, you should review the Python Test Setup Best Practices for Running Tests with Sauce Labs Tutorial, especially the topics on avoiding external test dependencies and avoiding dependencies between tests.

titleParallel Tests and Concurrency Limits

The number of tests you can run in parallel is determined by the concurrency limit associated with your account. You can check this in you Sauce Labs dashboard under Concurrent VMs


Code Block
# this authenticates you 
from sauceclient import SauceClient

# this belongs in your test logic, passed=True) 

You should also follow our recommended best practice of adding build numbers, tags, and other identifying information to your tests so you can easily find and manage them in your test results and archives pages