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With the browser matrix, you can keep track of the test status for various browser/platform/operating system combinations.





If you want to keep track of your project's latest test run on Sauce, you can add one of our status images to your repo or website. Here are what the general status badges look like:

sauce-badge-passingImage Removed sauce-badge-failImage Removed sauce-badge-unknownImage Removed

We also have a browser matrix widget that helps you keep track of the status of your tests on different browsers:


 Reporting test results for badge statusImage Added

Setting Up Status Badges for Test Results

  1. Choose a Sauce account to associate with your project. If you just have one project, you can use your main Sauce account name. If you have multiple projects, you will want to create a sub-account for each project.

  2. Run your tests for a given project on Sauce using that account's username and access key. If you are logged in as the account you want to use, you can find your credentials on the account page. If you are logged in as a parent account, you can see your sub-account usernames and access keys on the sub-accounts page.

  3. Make sure to set a build number a pass/fail status and a visibility (to either 'public', 'share' or 'public restricted') for every test that runs. You will be able to see that these are set correctly by seeing that your tests say "Pass" or "Failed" instead of "Finished" and that a build number is visible in the UI.