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What Outbound Ports Do I Need Open for Sauce Connect Proxy?

Sauce Labs Connect can only communicate with Sauce Labs via port 443 and port 80. This is not configurable.

How Can I Share a Tunnel Between Multiple Accounts?

To share a tunnel, start a tunnel with the --shared-tunnel flag.  For most Sauce Labs customers, the ability your access to share shared tunnels is determined by the permissions of the user who creates them. Organization admins can create tunnels that any user on any team can use. Team admins can create tunnels that any member of their team can use. Team members cannot share tunnels they create with any other team member. 

NOTE: In very limited circumstances, your Sauce Labs license might include sub-accounts; the following requirements apply:


Sub-accounts must specify the parent tunnel in the desired capabilities of their test in order to use the tunnel. For details about test configuration options, see Shared Tunnels.

How Can I Use Sauce Connect Proxy to Test Graceful Degradation?