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If outbound communication from your network is restricted, you can whitelist the appropriate domains for outbound communication. When using Sauce Connect, you do not need to do any whitelisting for communication coming into your network (inbound traffic).

Sauce Labs Domains to Whitelist for Outbound Communication

In the table below, you'll find the complete list of domains to whitelist for outbound communication in a restricted network setting.

Whitelisting for Restricted Networks

If you're testing in a restricted network setting, you might need to whitelist the Sauce Labs domains below for outbound communication. 

NOTE: To determine if this is needed, refer to Validating Your Basic Sauce Connect Proxy Setup

Be sure to use the set of domains for the Sauce Labs Data Center you are using: US Data Center (US-WEST-1), Headless Data Center (US-EAST-1), or European Data Center (EU-CENTRAL-1). To confirm which Data Center you are using, log into the Sauce Labs web application and view the data center in the upper right-hand corner of the page.