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Jenkins is one of the most popular continuous integrations tools used in software development, and to make it easy for you to integrate your Sauce Labs testing with Jenkins, we developed the Sauce Jenkins Plugin. You don't have to use the Sauce Jenkins Plugin to integrate Sauce and Jenkins, but it does do several handy things for you:

  1. It provides a user interface that lets you populate environment variables on the Jenkins server that can be used in your tests (for example, platform configurations, or your Sauce username and access key). Much of what the plugin does relates to the setting of environment variables.
  2. It automatically launches Sauce Connect when you enable it for a project.
  3. It handles reporting between Jenkins and Sauce.

Topics in this section describe how to install and configure the Jenkins plugin. They assume that you have some familiarity with Jenkins and the basics of automated testing, but even if this is your first time working with Jenkins and Sauce, you should be able to set up a successful integration. 

titleSauce First, Jenkins Second

You should make sure your tests run on Sauce without Jenkins before attempting to install and configure the Jenkins plugin.

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