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TestObject will reach end-of-life in September 2021. If your organization is
titleAction Required: TestObject End-of-Life
Coming Sept. 1, 2021

If you're currently using the Appium test framework on TestObject, please begin migrating migrate all of your mobile app apps and test files from TestObject storage Storage to Sauce Labs storage using Application Storage by August 31, 2021 using the step-by-step migration guide below. Appium real device testing is fully supported for Sauce Labs real devices.NOTE: Espresso and XCUITest support is coming to Sauce Labs in late May. Until then, please continue to use TestObject for those frameworkson Sauce Labs.

As part of our effort efforts to bring you a single, unified platform for combining all of our products – VDC and RDC tests, test results and analytics with RDC, emusim, API, visual testing, and analytics all in one place with one login , one API – we're migrating all remaining real device cloud functionality from TestObject , our legacy real device platform, (Legacy RDC) to Sauce Labs. Existing features such as For example, Espresso and XCUITest support , Virtual USB, iOS debugging, and more will be moving to Sauce Labs. We, and we'll be releasing new features as well. See Real Device Testing in Sauce Labs Feature Preview for the full list of upcoming featuresmore details.

TestObject will remain accessible at Sauce Apps > Legacy RDC through its end-of-lifeunder SAUCE APPS > LEGACY RDC through August 31, 2021. As we begin phasing it out, we'll keep you posted on specific, key end-of-life dates. Until then, please prepare and plan for this transition by following the required steps and recommendations in this guide to migrate your tests and apps to Sauce Labs. If  If you have any questions, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or Sauce Labs Support.