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How can I run Android tests without Appium?

For older versions of Android Appium might not be supported. For instance, Appium is only supported in Android versions 4.4 or later for mobile website tests, and Android versions 4.0 and later for mobile native and hybrid application tests.

For those versions in which Appium is not supported you can request an emulator driven by Webdriver + Selendroid. All you need to do is use our Platforms Configurator and select Selenium for the API instead of Appium.

In the Sauce Labs test you will notice that the top of the emulator says "AndroidDriver Webview App". In addition, you will notice that you will get a "Selenium Log" tab which has the output of the Selendroid driver. 

With an emulator driven by Webdriver + Selendroid you will be able to test mobile websites only. You should be able to select any Android emulator version from 4.0 to the latest version and any Android emulator skin (e.g "deviceName":"Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Emulator")If you wish to use the native Android testing framework (Espresso), please refer to the following documentation for real device testing or emulator and simulator testing .

What mobile web browsers can I automate in the Android emulator?

Currently the only browser that can be automated in our Android emulators is the stock browser (i.e Browser). The Android stock browser is an Android flavor of 'chromium' which presumably implies that its behavior is closer to that of Google ChromeChrome).

How can I test with mobile real devices instead of using the simulators or emulators?


Do you support SSO (Single Sign-On)?


Free Accounts

Are the device settings, Google Play Store, and camera all password-protected on all free devices?

Yes. You need to upgrade to a paid plan to get access to devices that are not password-protected. Note that the free devices will remain 'free' even if you have a paid account. These will still be accessible to you, but there will also be other devices available that are not password protected.

Why does a lock/PIN screen appear during my test?

To make sure the availability stays high, we need to password-protect certain functionality on our free devices. This usually includes the Settings and the Play Store.  The password protection is not in place on our premium devices.

If my app uses Google Play store, do I have to have a paid Real Device Cloud account?


Is there a limit to how many tests I can run with a Trial account? Can I run tests in parallel?

You can run as many tests as you wish on your trial account, but you will only be able to run one test at a time.  Also, no manual  test is allowed to run for more than ten minutes.

Running Tests

Can I use the REST API to launch automated tests using Appium, Robotium, and Espresso?

You can do that for Robotium and Espresso, but not for Appium. Tests that rely on Appium must be initiated by local test runners.

Can I use CircleCI to initiate test cases to run on many devices?

Yes. You’ll want to use Maven or Gradle. We also have our own Espresso Runner here: (note the Gradle plugin has been deprecated).

Can I run native app tests with XCUI test automation?

Yes, but only on iOS 10 and iOS 9 (note these OSes have different default behavior).

How do I upload an iOS app?

You need to export your app as an IPA file for Ad Hoc Deployment as described in Creating an ipa File. You can upload your IPA manually to create a project, then upload subsequent versions either manually or through our REST API, as described in Uploading Your App to Real Device Storage with the REST API

Can I upload multiple APKs for testing?

Yes. You can upload more than one APK using the “dependency app” functionality. 

Can I choose different browsers on a device?

Yes, but only for manual testing. If the browser is not present on the device, you will need to manually install it. For automated testing, we support the Android device's default browser and Chrome Browser and Safari on iOS.

Do I have to worry about provisioning profiles, certificates and UDIDs when uploading an app?

No. On iOS we re-sign with our own certificate. On Android, there are no extra complications with certificates.

If I run a test on the public cloud (not private), can I run it over ssh or a VPN?

No. Private cloud accounts have the option today to use an IPSEC VPN (which must be specially set up by Sauce Labs). Sauce Connect is supported for both private and public clouds.

Should anything be present on the device from an earlier test?

No. If there is, our automated cleaning process didn’t work as intended. If this happens, let us know so our Operations team can reset the device and see what went wrong with the cleaning process.

My app is only available within our internal network. Can I use real devices for my testing?


Queuing and Concurrency

If I run a test and all the devices of the selected model are "Unavailable," how long will the test be queued?


If I have a concurrency of 5 and I start 10 tests, will the Real Device Cloud queue 5 of the tests to run later?


Live Tests

If I start a manual session and don’t do anything in it for a long time, will the session remain open indefinitely?

No.  Sessions are closed after 15 minutes of inactivity.

If I purchase *just* an automated testing plan, will I still be able to run manual tests on the same set of devices?


I closed the tab on a manual test by mistake.  Can I go back to it?

No. We have plans to make that possible in the future.

My manual test errors with “App installation failed : INSTALL_FAILED_INSUFFICIENT_STORAGE”

This could mean something went wrong in our infrastructure.  Let us know and we’ll contact our operations team.

I get a popup asking whether to allow my app to use the device location in automated tests, but not manual tests.. why?


Appium Errors


Appium cannot scroll in the "web" context, only in the native app context.  The test shows this error instead.


Is the service ever unavailable because it is under maintenance or being updated?

Software updates are deployed to the service between 7:30 and 8:30 CEST on most Thursdays. The service does not officially halt during this weekly window of time, but customers should be aware that any automated or manual tests run during this time period might fail.


No. This is feature request that is on our road map.

Can I use Bluetooth on a device?

Yes. Please contact your Customer Success Manager or Account Executive to discuss your specific use case

What should the frame rate be on newer Android devices? 

20 to 30 FPS.



Do you have any UI inspection tool built into your application like UI Automator viewer?

No, there are no inspection tools. We recommend using Appium Desktop for UI inspection, it has built in support for devices on the Real Device Cloud.

Can I change the orientation of the device screen during a test?




Yes. In Java, it can be done with the command: driver.setLocation(long, lat).


Yes, but only for manual tests. The change can be made in the Settings of the device.


Yes, only on devices that have SIM cards and are connected to the Carrier Network.


Yes, only on devices that have SIM cards and are connected to the Carrier Network.