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The Sauce Labs add-on for HipChat lets you enter the URL of any provides smart formatting for Sauce Labs test details page in a HipChat conversation URLS, making it easy to share those test your results, videos, and screenshots via HipChatwith collaborators.

Table of Contents

titleHipChat Changelog

You can find the changelogs for all Sauce Labs for HipChat plugin versions in our Atlassian Marketplace listing.  

See the following sections for more information:

Table of Contents

Installing the Add-On

The Sauce Labs add-on for HipChat is available from the Atlassian Marketplace:

Follow the instructions in the Marketplace to download and install the add-on.


  1. Copy the URL of the test details page you want to share.
  2. Paste the URL into the text window of the conversation where you want to share the results, and press Return
    You'll see a Sauce Labs window open in your HipChat conversation, showing some basic details about and the test, as well the first screenshot of from the test.

    titleCredentials Must Match Test Owner

    For security reasons, you must be logged into HipChat with the same credentials as the owner of the test to see the first screen shot in HipChat. If you select Select Show Screenshots in the options menu , you will be able to view the screenshots that have been shared.

  3. Click to the right of the Sauce Labs window to select additional options:

    Because the HipChat client doesn't support Flash, viewing video of the test is available only for the browser-based version of HipChat.  

    (only for browser versions of HipChat)

    Show Job DetailsOpens Open the Test Details page for the test in HipChat
    Show Video

    Runs Run the video of the test in HipChat

    titleViewing Video in the HipChat Client
    Show Screenshots

    Shows Show screenshots of the test in HipChat



This screenshot shows how the Sauce Labs plugin presents test information as it appears in the Sauce Labs window in HipChat, with the option menu open for sharing the Test Details page, the video, and screenshots.

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