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Please note that GA date for the new Sauce Connect backend has been pushed out to November 30th. We made this decision after coming across a last minute critical issue.

Issue: The new Sauce Connect backend has a regression while handling HTTP/304 Cache-Hit responses from some web servers. In some cases, when a HTTP request results in a cache hit, Sauce Connect proxy returns HTTP/200 OK with an empty body instead of a HTTP/304 response. This issue was observed with the Shelf web server and could not be reproduced with nginx.


We are very excited to announce beta support for a new Sauce Connect backend. The new backend provides better support for testing iOS applications that access servers with self-signed certificates. The new backend contains significant changes that effect all platforms - desktop browsers, virtual and real devices. Users are strongly encouraged to beta test it. Beta testing will ensure that your build and test pipelines are not impacted when we cut over to the new backend on November 15th.  


Simply add --vm-version beta to your Sauce Connect command line. Any Sauce Connect client version can be used.

Please email for assistance with technical issues during the beta.