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Different Machine, But Same Network

The most important thing to understand about setting up Sauce Connect is that while it doesn't need to be set up on the same machine as the site or application you're testing, it must be on the same network. What Not to Do: Dysfunctional Sauce Connect Proxy Network Configurations illustrates some examples of network architectures in which Sauce Connect will not be able to create a tunnel, or will be too slow to carry out effective testing.  

Sauce Connect IP and Virtual Machine Range

Sauce Connect Proxy makes outbound connections to Sauce Labs using the following IP ranges:
  • (this is equivalent to the range –
  • (this is equivalent to the range -
  • (this is equivalent to the range -

For certificate authentication, the server hosting Sauce Connect may need to connect to Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) or Certificate Revocation List (CRL) services as well. Check out Sauce Connect Certificate Handling for more info.

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