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If you're the owner of the overall Sauce Labs account, you can view usage information for all accounts, and their sub-accounts, on the Team Management page. If you're an individual user, you can view your usage information, and usage for you associated sub-accounts, on the My Account page. Usage information is presented on the user list includes the following activity data over the past 30 days for each user:

Tests Run in the Last 30 DaysThe total number of tests run by that user in the previous 30 days.
Minutes Used in the Last 30 DaysThe total number of minutes used for running tests in the previous 30 days.
Peak/Max ConcurrencyThe highest number of concurrent tests run during a single session on a virtual machine, including Web browser, emulator, and simulator tests, in the previous 30 days.

In addition to individual user activity, we also aggregate usage at the subaccount level. If you have at least one sub account, we display the sum of all activity on the line below your parent account.

Minutes Used vs. Concurrency 

One way to tell if you're getting the most efficient use out of your Sauce Labs plan is to compare the minutes used with the number of concurrent tests run during the same period. If the ratio of minutes to concurrency is low, for example, 2:1 (100 minutes:50 concurrent tests), then you are using a lot of minutes to run very few tests. You should redesign your tests to take greater advantage of concurrency (e.g., using a test framework).

Exporting Usage Data

You can export a .csv file that contains the usage information for selected accounts. 

  1. Navigate to the Team Management page.
  2. Click Export Data just above the list of users.