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The Virtual Machine hosting the browser or device running your tests has run out of space on its virtual disk.


Our VMs have virtual disks that, just like hardware disks, can fill up. We make sure that our virtual machines have at least 3G free when we start a job, but sometimes complex/long-running tests fill up the guest machine's allocated space. This causes Selenium to crash, which ends your test.

This isn't always restricted to the tests, either; an app under test which consumes a large amount of memory, which suffers from significant JS memory leaks or which opens a lot of tabs can cause this issue.

How to Resolve

The best thing you can do to avoid this failure is to break out your long tests into shorter tests and/or make sure that your tests are not filling up a lot of disk space on the VM. Our best practice topic on small, atomic, autonomous tests has some tips that can help with this problem. 

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