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You'll see this error when our infrastructure loses communication with the VM being used for your test and can't regain that connection after a reasonable time. If you only get this message rarely and randomly, it is probably a fluke on our end caused by an infrastructure blip. 

However, if you are experiencing this error repeatedly for a specific test or set of tests, there may be an issue on your end that's causing the failure. For example, if the error regularly appears after a specific Selenium command, there could be something wrong with the test that is causing Selenium to crash. We have also seen issues with pre-run executables


  • There may have been a hiccup in our infrastructure. If this message comes up rarely and randomly, this is most likely the cause. 
  • If the error comes up repeatedly, there is likely an issue with your test. Most likely causes are:
    • Your test is consuming too much memory
    • A pre-run executable is causing the browser to start to hang

How to Resolve

For random, rarely occurring issues, ignore and re-run your test.

For repeat occurrences:

  • Try breaking up your tests into smaller, more atomic, more independent chunks. We recommend that tests should take no longer than five minutes to run.
  • If you suspect the problem is with your app's memory requirements, lowering the screen resolution may lower the rendering requirements.
  • Try removing any pre-run executables from your desired capabilities to see if that resolves the problem.
  • Once you've done all of the above, raise a support ticket.
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  1. I'm not 100% sure what our current recommended 'long' test length is.  Otherwise, LGTM!