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What is the URL for the Sauce Labs SAML metadata?

What is the Assertion Consumer Service URL where SAML assertions are sent?

The Assertion Consumer Service (ACS) URL is an endpoint that receives and processes SAML assertions from an identity provider (IdP). If you are using an IdP like Okta or Active Directory, the ACS should be pre-configured for you, or it will be configured when you upload the Sauce Labs metadata. If you are using an on-premise or custom solution, point your assertions to

Do all SAML 2.0 messages have authenticity and integrity protection using a digital certificate?

Yes, the SAML payload is encrypted with a Level 3 certificate. 

Does Sauce Labs support single sign-out?

 No. Users have to manually log out of Sauce Labs or wait until the session expires to be logged out automatically.

Do you support Federated SSO?


Does Sauce Labs provide a Service Provider (SP) or Identity Provider (IdP)-initiated SSO ?  

Sauce Labs provides an IdP-initiated SSO. Sauce Labs also supports just-in-time (JIT) automated provisioning/de-provisioning.