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Sausage is built on PHPUnit, and includes a set of classes and libraries that make it easy for you to run Selenium tests on Sauce Labs. Sausage offers many features for working with Sauce Labs, like automatic pass/fail reporting and test naming. Sausage comes bundled with Paratest (for running your tests in parallel) and optionally Sauce Connect (for testing locally-hosted sites with Sauce). You don't have to use either PHPUnit or Sausage to run tests on Sauce, but Sausage will help optimize your testing experience. 

  1. Create a project directory where you want to download and use Sausage, for example a sauce-tutorial directory:

    bash mkdir ~/sauce-tutorial && cd ~/sauce-tutorial
  2. Use curl, and your Sauce username and access key, to download and install Sausage, as well as the WebDriverDemo example test and other dependencies, into your project directory.
    When the download script runs, Sausage will check for a number of requirements, and will display notification messages in the terminal if there are any issues. When these are resolved, run the curl command again to complete the download and installation. 

    curl -s |