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Download Sauce Connect

Download LinkSHA1 Checksum
Download Sauce Connect v4.3.16 for OS X 10.8+ 4a25a0f6975b74719621fdd9e646edd08cbf2434
Download Sauce Connect v4.3.16 for Windows 7+ 4b056c9501551f18400b7e1b390ebf5bc540cbcb
Download Sauce Connect v4.3.16 for Linux42edb8dc5356916fe7b08c0d85144a067d8f4475
Download Sauce Connect v4.3.16 for Linux 32-bit e970ae89a7eb355d7d5cdac97e6599431b7b6c22


Topics in this section explain the set up and configuration process for Sauce Connect, including requirements, setting up Sauce Connect to work with proxies, and using multiple Sauce Connect tunnels. 




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  1. Anonymous

    I have downloaded the sauce connect for mac- Download Sauce Connect v4.3.15 for OS X 10.8+

    I am looking for a Sauce Connect.jar file to run it manually so that I can run my test. 

    Could you please let me know where can I get Sauce Connect.jar file?


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