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Different Machine, But Same Network

The most important thing to understand about setting up Sauce Connect is that while it doesn't need to be set up on the same machine as the site or application you're testing, it must be on the same network. Dysfunctional Sauce Connect Network Configurations illustrates some examples of network architectures in which Sauce Connect will not be able to create a tunnel, or will be too slow to carry out effective testing.  


  1. Download the appropriate version of Sauce Connect for your operating system. 

    Download LinkSHA1 Checksum
    Download Sauce Connect v4.3.12 for OS X 10.8+99c2577373d31061af4c6c24c53f65fdbd7f17c0
    Download Sauce Connect v4.3.12 for Windows01c2b09a2b5e8b3c5f5f18b4481c69988927318a
    Download Sauce Connect v4.3.12 for Linux8c24f989091e869d9a0cc387c3197590a1f20521
    Download Sauce Connect v4.3.12 for Linux 32-bit133501f013eccb5349ca2fa1d2c7cd5f540acc24


    Installing Sauce Connect from NPM

    You can also install Sauce Connect via the NPM repository..

    npm install sauce-connect

  2. On the machine where you want to install Sauce Connect, open outbound port 443.
    Alternatively, you can configure Sauce Connect with a proxy that can reach by using the Sauce Connect command line options --proxy or --pac. See the topic Sauce Connect Proxy Configuration for more information.
  3. After extracting the Sauce Connect files onto your machine, go to the install directory and run this command.


    When you see connected, you're ready to go! 


    Finding Your Username and Access Key

    You can find your Sauce Labs username and access key in the User Profile > User Settings section of your Sauce Labs dashboard. You should also check out our topic on setting your username and access key as environment variables.


  1. Anonymous

    Would be great if sauce connect was in the npm repository.

  2. Anonymous

    It is as far as I know:

    npm install sauce-connect
    1. Anonymous

      Thanks this was just what I needed. I was looking for a quick way and clean to install saucelab connect on Codeship.

  3. Thanks, I've updated the topic with an info box.

  4. Anonymous


    I there any opportunity get to know to latest version of sauce connect sth like

    1. Not at this time but other users have asked as well at our idea portal, which can be found at the following link.

      Our product team uses the above tool to help decide what new features will be added to Sauce Labs.

  5. Anonymous

    Using npm to install Sauce Connect on a Mac fails since wget is not available by default.

  6. Anonymous

    What does this mean?

    Illegal instruction: 4

    after running: 

    1. Anonymous

      I am getting the error message too, I restart /sc and it gets working after 1 or a few retries...

      I don't remember having this issue begore upgrading to the latest version of SC.

      we are using 2 tunnels within the same account, I dont see how it might be related but so far its the only thing I see (other that upgrading to 4.3.12 recently)

  7. Anonymous

    Hi. Can you please tell me what does error code 8 mean? Thanks a lot.

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