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Use these configuration settings to connect to the European Data Center for the Sauce Labs Virtual Device Cloud.

Status Page for the Sauce Labs European Data Center

Sauce Labs DashboardThe Sauce Labs dashboard for the EU DC is at
Selenium server URLThe Selenium server URL to use in test scripts is
Sauce Labs REST API

There are two different rest api's if you are using Virtual Cloud or Real Devices

Virtual Cloud:

Real Device Cloud:


Sauce Labs SSO
Sauce Connect Proxy

We recommend using the latest version of Sauce Connect. To connect to the EU DC, you must set:


in your Sauce Connect arguments.

Java with JUnit or TestNG and SauceOnDemandTestWatcherYou must set :


as a system/environment variable, otherwise the test status will not be set.
ProtractorYou must update to version 5.4.2 or later of Protractor and set:
  sauceRegion: 'eu'

in your config file.


You must update to version 4.14.1 or later, or 5.0.0 or later, of WebDriverIO and set

region: 'eu' 

in your wdio.conf file.

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