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When using Sauce Connect to run local tests on a Windows machine, you may encounter an Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA) dialog, also known as NTLM or Domain authentication. This is because the machine that Sauce Connect is running on is used to look up the host where the site or application under test is located. If the host has IWA enabled, the authentication request will be passed back through Sauce Connect to the Sauce Labs browserBecause there is no registry key available on our Windows virtual machines to disable this authentication, the solution is to create an AutoIT script to respond to the dialog, and run it as a pre-run executable in advance of running the test. 

The AutoIT Script

You can use the AutoIT Script editor to write and save your script. 

The script for handling the IWA dialog should look like this:

WinWaitActive(“Windows Security”)

For Username and mysupersecretpassword, enter the authentication credentials required by the Windows host.

When you save the script, it will be an .au3 file, and you will need to compile it as an .exe file. Once compiled, you can use it as a pre-run executable with this desired capability call:

"prerun": { "executable": "",
            "args": [ "--silent", "-a", "-q" ], "background": true }

If using Sauce Storage for your pre-run executable send the following desired capability:

"prerun": { "executable": "sauce-storage:executable.exe",
            "args": [ "--silent", "-a", "-q" ], "background": true }

64 v. 32-bit Version of AutoIT

 The 64bit version of AutoIT works on IE11, and not on IE9. The 32bit version works with both browser versions.