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The packages, scripts, and information in this page (and it's children) are either deprecated or managed by a third party

When your tests are finished, expose your tests results as a global variable: window.global_test_results. It must conform to this format.

You can also clone this file directly from our GitHub repo

window.global_test_results = {
  "passed": 1,
  "failed": 3,
  "total": 4,
  "duration": 4321,
  "tests": [
      "name": "foo test",
      "result": false,
      "message": "sumthin bad",
      "duration": 4000
      "name": "bar test",
      "result": false,
      "message": "failure",
      "duration": 300
      "name": "baz test",
      "result": true,
      "message": "passed",
      "duration": 20
      "name": "qux test",
      "result": false,
      "message": "test bad",
      "duration": 1

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