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Your test runner opened a network connection and requested a new Sauce Labs session, then closed the connection before Sauce Labs could make one available.


This error has a few potential causes.

  • You're running too many tests at a time. In your Account profile page, check the number of Concurrent VMs associated with your account, which is the maximum number of tests you can run at a time, based on your subscription level. If your account can run two concurrent VMs, and you're launching 10 tests, eight will be "queued" until one of your tests finishes and a slot frees up. However, if this takes a long time, your test runner may choose to end the queued jobs after a few minutes instead of waiting. 
  • High job wait times. Check our status page ( and/or follow @sauceops on Twitter for up-to-the-minute news about any issues within the service. If something causes demand for certain VMs to stack up, your jobs may be queued and (as above) terminated by your test runner.
  • Client timeout with iOS Simulator tests. iOS Simulator test sessions take a little while to spin up, and your client side timeouts may not be set sufficiently to allow for this.

How to Resolve

  • Make sure you're launching an appropriate number of jobs for your account.
  • If you see this error with iOS Simulator tests, please make sure the timeouts in your test runner/framework are set to a sufficient duration to allow iOS Simulator tests to start up. We recommend a minimum of 2 minutes. 
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