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The following guide helps you get up and running with our plugin for Jenkins CI:

Important Steps for All Continuous Integration Configurations

When you are configuring your continuous integration platform to work with Sauce, always make sure to follow these steps:

  1. Update tests to reference the environment variables set by the plugin. See the topic on Setting Environment Variables for more information.
  2. Output the Sauce session ID to the standard output (stdout) to allow the Sauce plugin to associate test results to Sauce Jobs. See the topic on Outputting Session IDs to stdout for more information.

Sauce Labs for Bamboo Changelog

You can find the changelogs for all Sauce OnDemand for Bamboo plugin versions in our Atlassian Marketplace listing.  

Installing the Plugin

You can install the Sauce plugin through the Bamboo Administration page.

  1. Download the Sauce Bamboo Plugin from the Atlassian Marketplace.
  2. In Bamboo, go to the Administration page. 
  3. In the Plugins section, click Plugin Manager
  4. In the Search field, enter sauce, and then click Search
  5. In the search results, click the expand icon next to the Bamboo Sauce OnDemand Plugin name to access the Install button. 
  6. Click Install
  7. After the plugin downloads, restart Bamboo.
  8. After Bamboo restarts, go to the Administration page. 
  9. Under Communication, click Sauce OnDemand.
  10. Under Credentials, enter the username and access key for your Sauce account. 
    You're now ready to configure Bamboo to work with projects in your favorite language. 

Configuring the Plugin to Use the European Data Center

If you are running jobs on our European data center, you have an option to use our Bamboo plugin to see all of the integrated results and reports. You can choose the data center you want to use in either Global Settings or in Project Settings of the plugin.

What You'll Need

  • Use Bamboo OnDemand Plugin version 1.6.87 or above in order to use the features described in this topic.

Global Settings Configuration

  1. Navigate to the homepage of your Bamboo Instance.
  2. Open the Setting icon in the top right corner.
  3. Select Global Variables.
  4. Select Sauce OnDemand in the communication section displayed on the left.
  5. Enter your Sauce Username and Access Key
  6. Select EU from the Data Center menu.

Project Setting Configuration

  1. Go to Build Dashboard > Project > Plan.
  2. Under Actions, select Configure Plan.
  3. In the Stage tab, select desired job settings (usually Default Job).
  4. Select Miscellaneous.
  5. Select EU from the Data Center menu.