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PAGE DEPRECATED: Updated content located here.

When you create a real device project, you usually upload and store the application you want to test on the Sauce Labs servers. As you develop your application and upload new versions of it, Sauce Labs will keep track of the different versions. However, there may be situations in which you want to install an application directly onto a real device from storage in a remote location, instead of keeping it on Sauce Labs servers. When your test completes, the application is completely removed from the real device, providing an added layer of security for your application. You will not be able to access information about different versions of your application, however, since each installation of the application is a "fresh" installation. 

For Automated Appium Testing Only

You can only install remote applications for automated Appium testing. Espresso and Robotium automated tests are not supported, and Live Testing is also not supported.

  1. Click New App to create your project.
  2. Click Install Remote, enter the name of your application, and click Save.
  3. In your Appium test script, enter the URL for the application as the app desired capability, as shown in this example.

    desiredCapabilities.setCapability("app", "");
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