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Sauce Runner for virtual devices lets you run tests using native frameworks like Espresso against virtual devices. While Sauce Runner for Virtual Devices will eventually support a variety of native testing frameworks, during the Beta period only Espresso is supported. To use Sauce Runner for Virtual Devices, you need to download it to your local machine, and then launch it from your command line using the required and optional parameters.


  • You must have network connectivity to on port 443
  • Your local machine must have 4GB of free RAM
  • You must have a 64-bit operating system, running Windows 7+, Mac OS X 10.11+,  or Linux.

Download Information

Latest Stable Release


Download LinkSHA1 Checksum
Mac OS X 10.11+


Windows 7+ 64-bit


Linux 64-bit


Sauce Runner for Virtual Devices Change Logs lists the changes and release dates for each version of Sauce Runner for Virtual Devices. 


  1. Download the sauce-runner-virtual package from the download links.
  2. Unzip the contents to any folder on your system. 

  3. The sauce-runner-virtual application is in the bin folder. 
  4. In a console or terminal window, navigate to and run the application.
    Check out Command Reference for Sauce Runner for Virtual Devices for more information on using Sauce Runner for Virtual Devices.