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Disable or Redirect Traffic for External Resources

Your website may load resources that are publicly available on the internet or are not needed for the purposes of your test (EG. tracking services, images/videos, advertisements, etc.) and these can negatively impact the speed of tests. Depending on your situation, you may prefer to load these resources directly, thus avoiding the extra network hops when using Sauce Connect Proxy, or disable them altogether.  To retrieve resources directly you can use the --tunnel-domains and --direct-domains flags to control which domains Sauce Connect Proxy will access during the test. If you want to block traffic so it is immediately dropped you can use the --fast-fail-regexps command.

Be Aware of How Sauce Connect Caches Traffic

By default, Sauce Connect proxy will cache all traffic. However, if you use --no-ssl-bump-domains, your test performance may be impacted as Sauce Connect Proxy will no longer be able to cache traffic for the domains specified. You can find more information about SSL bumping in Troubleshooting Sauce Connect.