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Grunt is a task-based command line build tool for JavaScript projects, based on Node.js. Grunt-Saucelabs is a Grunt task you can use to run your JavaScript unit tests on browsers in the Sauce Labs cloud. It supports several test suites and frameworks, including:

  • QUnit, a JavaScript unit test suite used by the jQuery, jQuery UI and jQuery Mobile projects, that is capable of testing any generic JavaScript code, including itself
  • Jasmine, a behavior-driven development framework for testing JavaScript code
  • Mocha, a JavaScript test framework for running serial asynchronous tests
  • YUI Test, a browser-based testing framework from Yahoo!
  • "Custom frameworks of your own devising

Example Only

The code in this topic is presented as an example only, since your tests and testing environments may require specialized scripting. This information should be taken only as an illustration of how you could set up your tests with Sauce Labs, and is not directly supported by Sauce.

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