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The desired capabilities you've supplied include a URL to a mobile application to install and test. This may be a URL pointing to Sauce Storage, or a hosted app online. When we started your test, we were unable to correctly download a valid application from that URL. We may have been able to download something, but that something was not a valid application.


  • You've specified an app hosted in Sauce Storage, but there is nothing stored for your account with the given name
  • You've specified an app hosted online, but the URL you've used can't be contacted by Sauce Labs
  • You've specified an app hosted in your corporate network which can't be accessed via the Internet
  • You're not providing the full path to the app file itself
  • The site serving your application requires authentication

How to Resolve

We recommend avoiding all problems with apps hosted internally by uploading to Sauce Storage instead.

If you're already using Sauce Storage, check:

  • Your upload to Sauce Storage has succeeded
  • Your upload to Sauce Storage was within the last week, since Sauce Storage is cleaned out on a weekly basis
  • Your uploaded app has the same MD5 hash as it does on your machine
  • You're starting the app desired capability with sauce-storage: - there shouldn't be a leading http
  • You're using the exact name you provided via the rest API, not the original filename. For example, iif you uploaded a file named my_app.apk to, your file is available as sauce-storage:new_app_name.apk.
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