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What is Extended Team Management?

Sauce Labs has updated our Team Management function to give larger organizations better control over their resources.  In the past, users, permissions and concurrency were all organized in a multi hierarchical structure. Making changes was a challenging task, determining permissions and concurrency allocation etc. The improved tool organizes teams in a flat structure (of users and teams inside one account), allows for multiple admins, and makes it much easier to add new users and generate usage reports.

  • Because we’ve changed the way Team Management organizes groups, if you're a current Team Management user, you will need to migrate to the new version using our migration tool.
  • Extended Team Management only applies to Web / Cross Browser Testing - Real Devices will be included in 2019.

What's New?

  • We make it simpler to allocate concurrency by team - so each team is limited to accessing a selected number of VMs. This solves the issue of one team using all the concurrency in their organization - leaving few for other teams to use.
  • We simplify reporting so it’s much easier to understand usage across teams and users (in addition to the organization usage reporting)
  • User setup is simplified with email invitation
  • Flatter organizational structure makes it easier to administer groups and create multiple admins, so accounts are not tied to a single username and more people can administer accounts
  • Improved SSO support - all new users created via SSO can be placed in a default team.

What Does it Cost?

It’s free for all our customers.

When is this Available?

It is available now. 

How Long Does it Take to Migrate?

The migration is a simple process that should take minutes once the admin has defined the user structure. 

How Long Can I Stay on the Original Team Management?

We encourage our customers to migrate now to the new Team Management solution. We no longer are updating our existing Team Management feature. 

Can I Revert to the Old Team Management if I Need To? 

You can. However, we would like to correct any issues you may have found that would cause you to take that decision. Please contact our support and share with us your findings if you do decide to revert.