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Emulator and Simulator Platform Support

For detailed information on the full list of supported emulators and simulators, visit Supported Browsers and Devices.

Emulator and Simulator Project Support

The mobile application must be:

  • compiled for the simulator/device version of your choice
  • compressed into a .zip package/archive file (must include app directory)
  • uploaded and hosted in a place that Sauce Labs can access (for example: AWS, GitHub, or Sauce Storage)


  1. If you're using Sauce Storage, get the returned location, which will look something like
  2. In your test capabilities, specify the location of the .zip file, or the URL as described in Temporary Sauce Storage.

The mobile application must be:


  1. This StackOverflow article contains instructions on how to build an .apk file in Eclipse.
  2. In the test capabilities, specify the location of the .apk file, or the sauce-storage:app.apk URL as described in Temporary Sauce Storage.

Emulator and Simulator Security Recommendations

Network Connection

If you require secure/proxied connections to the Sauce Labs Cloud platform, they are made in one of two ways: Sauce Connect Proxy or IPSec VPN.

NOTE: IPSec VPN is an Enterprise-only feature and it is also the industry standard in network security. It includes AES 256 encryption and multiple setup options with forward proxies.

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