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Download the latest version of Sauce Connect Proxy in the table below. For release notes on all Sauce Connect versions, including features and fixes, please review the Sauce Connect Proxy Change Logs. To learn more about deployment options, please see System and Network Requirements for Sauce Connect Proxy.

Download Sauce Connect Proxy

Latest Version: 4.6.2

Sauce Connect Proxy Download Link

SHA1 Checksum

Download Sauce Connect v4.6.2 for Mac OS 10.8+
Download Sauce Connect v4.6.2 for Windows 7+
Download Sauce Connect v4.6.2 for Linux
Download Sauce Connect v4.6.2 for Linux 32-bit

Contents of Sauce Connect Proxy Download

  1. To initiate the download, click the link in the table above appropriate for your local machine (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux).

  2. Extract contents of the .zip or .gz download.

  3. Once you've extracted the download file, you'll see a folder, which contains the following:
    1. bin directory:
      • sc.exe: Sauce Connect Proxy client executable file

    2. config_examples directory:
      • config.yml file: An example configuration file to be used with the --config-file command-line option. See Sauce Connect Proxy Command-Line Quick Reference Guide for more information.
      • systemd directory: Contains sample files for use with the systemd service manager to start and stop Sauce Connect Proxy. Consult the config_examples > systemd > file for more information.
      • upstart directory: Contains sample files for use with the upstart service manager to start and stop Sauce Connect Proxy. Consult the config_examples > upstart > file for more information.
    3. file: Sauce Connect Open Source Software Declaration
    4. license.html file: Sauce Labs, Inc. End User Agreement
  4. Double-click sc.exe to open Sauce Connect Proxy. You're ready to move onto Sauce Connect Proxy Setup and Configuration!

Sauce Connect Proxy Log

A Sauce Connect log file called sc.log will populate once you start using the program. The location of the sc.log on your computer will vary, depending on your OS. Here are some example directories:

  • Mac OS X: (DD Month) (Time) - Log file: /var/folders/72/tjnr5_fs4fvcb3csfjx4sw200000gn/T/sc.log

  • Linux (tested on Ubuntu 16.04.6): (DD Month) (Time) - Log file: /tmp/sc.log 

    For Mac OS X and Linux, sc.log will use a tmp folder.
  • Windows: (DD Month) (Time) - Log file: C:\Users\sauce_username\Downloads\sc-4.5.1-win32\sc-4.5.1-win32\sc.log

    For Windows, sc.log will use the current working directory.