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Sauce onDemand Version Requirement

Please make sure you are using Sauce OnDemand Plugin version 1.182 or above in order to use the feature outlined here.

If you are running jobs on our European data center, you have an option to use our Jenkins plugin to see all of the integrated results and reports. You can choose the data center you want to use by updating your credentials and then using those in your build configurations. 

Updating Credentials

By default the Jenkins plugin will use your credentials the US data center, so you need to create a new set of credentials to use the EU data center. You should set a descriptive ID for the EU credentials to make them distinct from the US credentials, as this will make it easier to set up pipelines with the appropriate credentials.

  1. After the plugin has installed and Jenkins has restarted, go to the Administration page in Jenkins. 
  2. Click Credentials.

  3. You can click an existing domain, or click Add domain.

  4. Once in your domain of choice, click Add Credentials.
  5. Enter the Username and API Access Key for your Sauce account.  
  6. Select EU as a Sauce Data Center 
  7. Specify an ID that will be used to identify credentials within the pipelines setup.
    If the ID field is left blank it will be auto-generated. If you forget or don’t know which ID is associated with the EU credentials, you can use the Pipeline Script page to generate the script with the right ID for you

     Click here to see an example

  8. Click Save.

Non-Pipeline Build Configuration

If you are using non-pipeline builds, select the correct credentials in the Sauce Labs menu within your build. 

  1. Select Configure.

  2. Go to Sauce Labs Options.
  3. Under Credentials, select the credentials with the (EU) suffix
  4. Click Save

Pipeline Build Configuration

For pipeline builds, use the credential ID you created for the European data center, as shown in this code example. 

Sample EU and Jenkins Pipelines Block
stage('Test') {
    sauce('sauceuser-EU') {
        sauceconnect(useGeneratedTunnelIdentifier: true, verboseLogging: true) {
            sh 'mvn test'